Doom 3


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to shoot or interact
  • Tab to open PDA

Doom 3 is a first-person shooter full of horror and science fiction. It supports two people to operate the game together and fight together. Here you will play a soldier, use your weapon to aim at the enemy, then pull the trigger and kill him. If you pursue excitement and like the doom series, then come to Doom 3 and play a thrilling survival game.

How to operate doom 3

In Doom 3, the direction is controlling by using the letters W, A, S, and D, and the movement needs to move through F; The number keys correspond to various weapons, and the left mouse button can help you attack. The right shift key can control him to run faster, and c can make him squat down to avoid attack. The space bar jumps.

Doom 3′ s Game Features

In Doom 3, it has a variety of game difficulty modes. It is recommending to proceed step by step, instead of choosing hell mode as soon as it goes up because it is really difficult. Secondly, there will be many doors that cannot be opening here. Some of them need passwords or keys. While others need to trigger a certain plot to enter; But there are also doors that simply cannot be opened. There are still enough guns and weapons to choose from here, but the pros and cons will be presented when using them.

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